3VideoWorks | Monday at 7:00pm


Billie Maya Johansen, Olga Petrova, Lili Mihajlovic in Platform sarai
One documentary, one fiction, one research documentation.

19.00 Authorized by Lili Mihajlovic (30′)
Film created from the research on the audience of contemporary dance/performing arts performances.

19.40 Lines In Transparency by Bilie Maya Johansen (9′) Film was shot in a glass building in Frankfurt am Main. The script was inspired by the novel The Grey Cloth And Ten Percent White: A Ladies Novel, (1910) by fantasist and visionary writer, Paul Scheertbart.

20.00 Cheff by Olga Petrova (17′)
Der Blick richtet sich auf einen einfachen und bescheidenen Mann, der scheinbar ein ganz normales Leben in einem kleinem ukrainischem Stadt führt.

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